Release Date: 8 December, 2018

At the Scottish Green Energy awards in Edinburgh last night (Dec 6th), Orbital Marine Power’s pioneering SR2000 tidal turbine scooped the Best Innovation Award after generating more power in one year than had been produced by Scotland’s entire wave and tidal energy sector in the 12 years prior to its launch.

Andrew Scott, Orbital Marine Power’s CEO said:

“It’s fantastic news that the judging panel selected us to win this prestigious award from a very high quality shortlist. It’s great recognition for the Orbital Marine team which has worked so hard over the years to deliver a new, truly innovative renewable energy technology. Coming at the end of what has been a very successful year for the company, this award is a tremendous confidence boost for the team, as we look forward to starting work next year on the construction of the O2, our next generation commercial production tidal turbine, scheduled for deployment at EMEC in 2020.”