At Orbital we recognise the responsibilities that come from wanting to reverse the unsustainable and we are committed to doing our part to achieve a healthier, safer, and fairer world.
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Environmental Responsibility

As a renewable energy company, helping the environment through reducing emissions and making the air cleaner by producing electricity from a sustainable, renewable source of energy is our business. We acknowledge that we cannot rely on that alone, so we hold ourselves accountable for the decisions we make across all our operations, so that we can consistently better our performance.

Our journey includes working with national and international regulators, as well as collaborating with our supply chain to ensure our projects minimise potential negative environmental harm, while maximising our positive environmental impacts.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy


At Orbital we foster a supportive and friendly working environment, where we are motivated to continually improve our performance. We focus on effective problem-solving where we trust each other and believe that we can speak openly in an inclusive work atmosphere free from harassment, intimidation, and discrimination.

The health and safety of every employee is paramount. Maintaining industry standards of safe working conditions is of utmost importance, which also extends to our supply chain, whom we rely on to uphold Orbital’s safety systems and internal protocols, including Fair Work Principles.

We also recognise that we have a responsibility to support the communities that we engage in. The Company believes in the importance of making a positive contribution to benefit wider society in line with the company’s goals.

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Policy

Corporate Responsibility

Orbital recognises the importance of robust corporate governance, which increases transparency and accountability as part of our alignment with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

We’re motivated and willing to not just expand upon that alignment, but to actively audit our performance to ensure that we are consistently improving.

Our employees and partners are empowered by the positive social and environmental impacts made from our daily operations, which we see as fundamental to the success of the business.


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